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Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)
is located 20 Kilometers (15 minute drive) Northwest of city of Isfahan. The University is a state run university under the supervision of the Ministry of Science,Research and Technology. IUT is one of the major universities and research poles in Iran in the fields of science,engineering,agriculture and natural resources. IUT was founded in 1974 and began its academic activities in 1977 with about 800 students in five departments. Today the enrollment has grown to more than 9700 in fourteen independent departments in three levels of BSc,MSc and PhD. The graduates from IUT have found great and varied opportunities and have played their key roles in a rapidly changing economic and industrial environment.

IUT occupies an area of 2300 hectares of land at the foot of Seyyed Mohammad Mountain. Of this,400 hectares area has been dedicated to the main campus. The main campus,a self -contained one resembling a small town,commands a view of the farmlands and orchards of Isfahan suburbs. It includes all the educational or research buildings as well as modern dormitories to house 5,000 students,and the residential quarters which provide the academic staff with semi-detached houses. To facilitate for students and staff,IUT also offers the health service center,shopping,sports and recreation centers inside the campus. The green belt around the campus and the quiet open surroundings makes life at IUT pleasant to student and staff.


Isfahan University of Technology started its activities in 1977 with 800 undergraduate students. Today,IUT is a major and high ranking university (top five) with more than 5400 undergraduates {38% female and 62% male) and about 5500 graduate students (45% female and 55% male).
IUT as a young university has been advancing knowledge and transforming lives through innovative teaching and research methods for nearly 30 years. IUT offers 307 comprehensive programs of study in three disciplines: Agriculture and Natural Resources,Engineering and Basic Sciences.
As a main activity during the past years,education has received the greatest attention at IUT. Students from IUT have taken nationally -held examinations to graduate programs across the country and have gained a high degree of success. Annual statistics reveal that a great portion of our undergraduate students have been admitted to MSc programs being offered by IUT or other accredited universities across Iran. Many of MSc graduates have been admitted to PhD programs in leading universities throughout the world.

In addition to this,International Campus of IUT offers some post graduate programs in a number of fields of engineering as well as basic sciences.
The center for graduate studies has been one of the most dynamic departments of the university due to its fast growth of the number of MSc and PhD degree programs. At the present 205 MSc and 69 PhD programs are offered in a wide variety of fields mentioned above.
Every year about 3000 students are graduated from this university. Our graduates have found great and varied opportunities and have played their key roles in rapidly changing economics and industrial environment.

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is one of the first and most competitive engineering departments at the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT),established in 1977. This department offers a broad range of high quality undergraduate and graduate education programs,and conducts research in many challenging fields in electrical and computer engineering.
Electrical and computer engineering is a crucial part of almost every modern system and technology. The primary mission of the ECE department is to provide its bright and diligent students with a top quality and modern academic education within the electrical and computer engineering and technology domain. Another important mission of the department is to perform high-quality theoretical and applied research to advance the state-of-the-art technology solutions. Such research aims to support high-tech industry in the region,and to contribute to the global advancement of technology in related domains. All scientific staff,undergraduate,and graduate students work hard together to achieve these objectives,and to keep the ECE department recognized as a leading institute nation-wide and internationally.

The scientific activities at the ECE department are led by internationally recognized faculty members in various majors of electrical and computer engineering. These faculty members are diverse in the sense of their academic rank,specialized field. Currently about 60 faculty members serving the education and research responsibilities at the ECE department. The department also actively hires post-doctoral fellows to efficiently extend and support the associated research activities.
At ECE,an especial attention is given to the undergraduate program,since the university is nationally/internationally well-known for its high quality undergraduate programs and students. Over 900 students are currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) level at the ECE department in 4 majors of electrical engineering (i.e.,communication,control,electronics,and power engineering) as well as 3 majors of computer engineering (i.e.,computer architecture,software engineering,and information technology). They are at top 1% of the participants at the National University Entrance Exam. In addition to a deep understanding of various theoretical aspects of the electrical and computer engineering,the undergraduate programs also address experimental aspects of the real-world engineering challenges. Currently,40 educational laboratories at the ECE department support the educational efforts of the department. The laboratories are led by the academic staff of the department and equipped with up-to-date facilities.



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