Conference Topics

  • All organic based VLCs
  • Channel modelling and characterisation
  • Channel capacity analysis
  • Diversity techniques
  • Dimming,data communications and localisation in VLCs
  • Free space optics (indoor,outdoor and under water)
  • Hybrid RF/OWC technology
  • MIMO for OWC
  • Modelling of various noises in optical wireless communications
  • Modulation,coding and detection schemes
  • Mobile-to-infrastructure and mobile-to-mobile optical communication
  • OWC duplexing and multiple access techniques
  • Ultraviolet communications
  • Applications of OWC (VLC,FSO) for:                      
            Device-to-device communications 
            Intelligent transportation systems (e.g. vehicle-to-vehicle
            and vehicle-to-traffic communications,trains,planes,etc.)                                         
            Inter and intra chip communications
            IoT and wireless sensor networks
            Indoor GPS
5G Networks                  
  • Novel (photonic) devices and components OWC
  • OWC networks: architecture,PHY/MAC design,cross-layer design etc.
  • Next generation wireless networks
  • OWC transceiver design and optimization