Invited Speaker

Title of the talk: Visible Light Communications Channel Emulators Design with FPGAs


Channel emulators are useful and very expensive pieces of equipment needed for the qualifications of telecommunication equipment,such as smartphones. A channel emulator is a device able to emulate in real time specific conditions of the communication channels. These are usually part of high end laboratories related to qualification and certification. In what concerns radio communicating devices there is a wide range of channel emulators available. In what concerns visible light communications (VLC),there is a very limited offer of such equipment. This is in part due to the limited number of electronics devices involving VLC. This scenario is however likely to change in the near future,given that VLC has been considered one of the last mile technologies with great potential in 5G and beyond 5G network scenarios. As such,the need of certification and qualification equipment will become prominent. This talk will overview the specification and design considerations of a channel emulator suitable for VLC systems. The emulator is designed with FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays),allowing the possibility of reconfiguration and portability.

Luis Nero Alves IEEE member since 2003. Graduated in 1996 and received his MSc degree in 2000,both in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Aveiro. Obtained the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Aveiro in 2008. His expertise is on integrated circuit design for optical wireless applications. Since 2008 he has been the lead researcher from the Integrated Circuits group at Instituto de Telecomunicações,Aveiro. His current research interest are associated to the design and performance analysis of optical wireless communication systems,with special flavor in visible light communications. Other research topics include materials and devices for IoT sensing devices. He has authored and coauthored several research articles in these fields. Luis Nero Alves has participated/coordinated several research projects in the fields of optical wireless communications and sensing devices (with both national – FCT/VIDAS,FCT/EECCO,IT/VLCLighting - and international – EU-CIP/LITES,EU-FP7/RTMGear,EU-COST/OPTICWISE,EU-COST/MEMOCIS,EU-MSCA/VisIoN). Luis Nero Alves has also served in the technical program committee of several international conferences on the field of optical wireless communications. He has also served as reviewer for several journals in Optical communications,amongst which,



1-Department of Electronics Telecommunications and Informatics,University of Aveiro,Aveiro Portugal.

2-Instituto de Telecomunicações,Aveiro,Portugal.